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Inspiration Strikes

Hello all!

I hope you’re all having a super week so far.

My week has been hard. I am delivering several projects simultaneously, for the same bunch of people, and they each enquire about my progress on their project as if I live in a bubble, and the other projects and my day job are nothing to do with me.

Tonight I am home late and slumped, exhausted in my chair.

Today however has not been a bad day, I have had a super time.

We had Knitting Club, Amber and Sindhu trekked up to join us. We exchanged stories of estranged relations, mysterious letters and implied obligations.

Again we had a blast. Somehow we ended up singing one of the songs from “joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat”. Amber was mortified. I laughed so hard my ribs ached.

Inspiration can strike in the most unlikely places.

Today I saw this lady on the escalator in a summer dress. I loved the colours. I am thinking a crochet afghan. Look at the colours! Aren’t they glorious!

Imagine the black squares with the summery apricot, peach and rose middles.



Noisy Coffee Machine!

Hello everyone!

After a fabulous and luxe weekend of deep happiness and much making, work today was like frog shock.

Even though I only do 4 days, it is all a bit much with the reorganisation. I feel a bit overwhelmed by whats going on.

Anyhow. Onto happy thoughts!

My little coffee machine is my friend. It makes the best coffee and I love using it. Unlike the old coffee machine which fired little grounds of coffee over the entire house.

The sticking point is for the three minutes it is switched on, the entire worksurface judders and it all makes a giant racket. I can hear it from my bed.

No more the noise, I have cured it!

4 crochet granny squares.

Silence. Well nearly.



Saturday Knitting

Hello all!

Today I’ve had a splendid walk through the park to the library, and have been looking at my wool and patterns.

At Knitting Club, we have two new babies due in a couple of months, so my mind has been on baby gifts.

In particular, I have been thinking about group projects. What would be suitable? How should it be organised! How do I get out of sewing it all up? That kind of thing.

Here you can see the fab picture in the Arne and Carlos Garden knitting book. In my opinion, it is the best design in the book. Intarsia rectangles.

It reminds me of the jazzy upholstery you used to get on trains and buses years ago.


Here you can see a bundle of yarn from my stash which would be super to use up.


We had bright sunshine and rain today, and my next door neighbour braved the weather to visit me for a cup of tea and a chat.

I bought some Jaffa cakes, but Woozle decided she would eat them. By the time I came into the room from showing Pat to the door she was already licking them on the plate. She then amused herself by kicking them all to the floor as I tried to get a picture and then was trying to smash the plate. I rescued it just in time.


Here you can see my newest hat, it is a striped beanie to match my patchwork shawl.


The rain is good for the garden, and I was delighted to see a bumper crop of baby greengages on my little tree. Whilst sitting by my window watching series 2 of “The Fringe” I spotted a red ladybird on the tomato plant I put in my windowbox. How delightful!


Here you can see my naughty cat looking very pleased with herself. I love her so much!



Noro Flowers Flourish!

Hello all!

After a lousy week, stressed out beyond belief I have had a gentle day indoors.

My Noro Winter Flowers Cowl, based on the Berroco Sashay pattern is finished, and all the yarn is used up in a matching hat.

I love this shade of Noro so much, I could happily knit with it forever lol.

Next week I am going to quit from some of the side of the desk activities I’ve been doing, although they are of great benefit to my colleagues and to my company, I am not really getting any recognition for doing these things.

And I think I have built sufficient framework for me to take a step back, for the sake of my sanity.

But here, look at my handiwork. Two dear friends are having babies soon and my mind is full of inspiration. Here, see my crocheting.

I hope you have a splendid weekend. I am going to start something new!





Millifiore Patchwork Shawl – Ta Daah!

Hello everyone!

I have been knitting a lot, reading books a lot, and baking bread a lot and not blogging as much as usual. Plus three times a week swims and long walks and DIY kitchen tiling!

Here you can see the patchwork shawl I’ve been making over the last couple of weeks.

Inspired by a floral watercolour and driven by my love if vintage Americana, I wanted to create something rustic and homespun, that had a faded glory to it. And by using a toning rainbow of colours, to create a saturated neutral effect, so the shawl would go with anything.

And just a hint of sparkle.

It is a section of crochet patches sewn together with knitted on “wings”, the idea being that you can see the striped wings alongside the patches. This worked perfectly!

Lots of notepad scribblings. If this is going to be written up it’d better be soon lol!

Amber is modelling this for me, in the kitchen in front of the new tiles, so you can see both to good effect. It was very hot as the bread was baking in the oven directly behind us!









The Red Garden and Patchwork Progress

Hello everyone!

I finished the book “the Red Garden” by Alice Hoffman this week. It is a magical read.

The chapters each focus on a different family generation living in Massachusetts, from the pioneers who settled it, to the modern day.

It is rich, sumptuous, gripping and beautifully written. I loved it .

The title of the book references the garden in the first house built in the new town, it has red earth which colours the flowers red of anything planted there.

This book is so worth reading, I highly recommend it. You might have seen the film “Practical Magic” starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, this was also based on the book of the same name written by Ms Hoffman. The soundtrack is wonderful too , songs by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow. I listen to the album a lot.

My working week of two days has been both short and stressful.

Due to the management changes which are afoot but not communicated, people are leaving in droves and to be honest , it is hard for even the most resilient and upbeat person to keep smiling after two years of uncertainty and a second reshuffle which is due to be announced.

Also, a note came round advising who the colleague reps are now should there be another round of redundancies, which means there is definitely another wave of it on the cards, also evidenced by one of our bosses announcing a 20% staff cut in the papers last weekend.

I have a major project to accomplish with no assistance. Tenfold bigger than anything I have attempted previously. And what date will it be ready by?

At least crocheting squares is nice and simple.

Here you can see my wrap in progress. Do you think I should write it up? I hope it turns out well. It would be lovely to be on Ravelry as a Designer!


Daily Bread

Hello everyone!

I have hidden the remaining Easter eggs.

Surely the sight of chocolate will please me once again?

No work for me today, all I have to do is lounge about, crochet, drink tea and read. And perhaps a nap.

Must dot out to the Library later too as the latest Bryant and May detective book is out “The Bleeding Heart”. I think this is the 14th book in the series.

The gripping element (underneath the mystery solving part) with these books is that each volume goes into historical details of some element of London life. Previous books have detailed the hidden rivers of London, the history of witchcraft, punch and judy, and old London pubs.

Yesterday, Jon and I went out to buy red kitchen tiles. After a long walk, and heavy carrying, Jon set to work, and here you can see his work:

After tiling, I put some bread on to rise overnight, the link to the recipe is on my links bar at the left.

It is an American recipe and calls for cups of flour.

Last night I used my regular coffee mug as my measure, and I used two cups of strong bread flour, with one cup of seeded brown flour.

The taste was superb!

This morning I popped the bread in the oven, here it is in its baked glory:


Here it is once Amber and I had it fir breakfast:

Lucy from the Attic 24 blog shared this bread recipe, and she republished this in UK measures.

I made a loaf using these weights and it came out way too small for my liking. The first time I made the recipe I used my trusty mug, and I preferred the bigger loaf, it makes a few servings, rather than one.

Now I am crocheting a hat. I am embarrassed to take a picture as it looks like a vast doily at the moment.

My wish list for this year is to master crochet by producing a hat, a lace shawl that is not a granny lace, and some kind of garment, such as a bolero or cardigan.

Watch this space!

Have a lovely day!

Patchwork Crochet At Last!

Hello everyone! Happy Easter!

I hope you’re having a jolly weekend!

This morning I got up, my first day free of Minion Hats, and picked up my crochet.

These skeins of Spindrift came from Loop, my favourite shop in the whole world. The day I bought them was fab, I was at a class taught by Madeline Tosh, and in my break I picked out these 10 skeins.

I am making filled granny squares, and after making a dozen, I think I have the pattern mastered now. I am joining them as I go along, it is fun working out what goes where!







Just Starting Off!

At last. I have wool, ideas, and a 3.5 mm hook.

No more Minions!


Frantic Tidying To Attain Peace

Hello everyone!

We have eaten three eggs and a packet of cadbury easter egg cakes. Hope you are also surrounded by crumpled foil, torn boxes and have small brown splodges on your tshirt too!

Despite shopping delivery coming Thursday, and me trotting over to Asda for bread and pasta which I’d forgotten yesterday, I then had to go out again when I got in back to the corner shop for Jon’s spices as he was cooking dinner and had used everything up last time (forgetting to let me know). Hmm! Are you seeing a pattern energing here too?

Why is it we are so busy here we are always all in a muddle?

Everything you read advises that muddle is best resolved by decluttering. I think muddle is best resolved by being rich enough to not have to work.

This morning I got up at 7am, and the only reason I am sitting typing to you is because my vast list of weekend chores includes stopping for 5 minutes to paint my nails.

It is good to pair up a dull job with a treat, so my treat for doing the boring mani -pedi is to sit and write to you.

Today so far I have tidied, filed and cleaned and dusted for 4 hours flat. And I’ve only done half what needs doing.

It is not like I let my house go to rack and ruin all week either.

Admittedly just finishing off my last Minion hat this morning has allowed me to focus on my surroundings a bit more. I have had my head down in the yellow Minion wool quite a bit lately!

It is nice to finally stop sewing on eyeballs it must be said!

Ahhh! Breathe! I can now relax a bit!

This morning, I found myself unable to tolerate the ghastly tissue box that had awful slogans typed on it and pictures of women wearing rollers.

So I found my bag of leftover crochet squares from this bag project:


So I sewed them up with some spare grey yarn:


And, Hey Presto! The ugly box became obscured from sight! Yaay!



Once my house is straightened I am sure I will find peace ! Lol!