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Big Brother Knitting

Hello all!

I hope your week is going well.

Today I need your help!

In Big Brother, which I have never watched, the viewers decide who is in and who is out.

It occurred to me, that you might help me with my knitting dilemma, and your votes would decide which project I embark upon next.

If you comment on this post for your favourite, it will be your vote. The most votes by midnight on Sunday will determine which project gets cast on next!

Exciting eh!

Flora: First off we have the delicious skeins of Jamiesons Spindrift which are going to be a modular crochet wrap inspired by a drawing of wildflowers.


Ruby: Then next is some ruby red Shilasdair 4 ply, which will be a proper small Ishbel. I am determined to get the lace right for once this time!


Iris: Finally there’s some wonderful Iris coloured Malabrigo Lace, some Garn Alpaca and some rainbow iris beads which will be a striped shawl with a lace edging and beads.


Cast your votes!

Vote for Flora, Ruby or Iris!



Under The Heat!

Hello all!

Here I am sitting with foils in my hair at the Hairdressers again!

You can see I have my knitting with me, I am on the second front of my cardigan, it is an enjoyable knit!

When I go out for any reason, I always pack my knitting, it is amazing how much you can get done whilst on the bus or train.

My hairdresser Katy, is brilliant, she literally transforms my hair from straw into silk. Also, she is naturally and effortlessly beautiful, so you feel confident that in her hands, your hair will be successful.

I have played endless tricks on Katy, like the time I took a picture of my Blythe doll and asked for my hair to be cut the same.

It was a bit of a mean thing to do as she looked so shocked, but when I told her I was teasing she killed herself laughing ( relief lol )!

Katy has been a wonderful confidante over the years. As a working Mom we have a lot in common, although she has had her babies since I’ve known her. They are adorable, like their Mom!

I am knitting her a shawl for Christmas, in winter white. It will be a big surprise! She deserves it!

What is the etiquette at hair salons? I always bring knitting and a packed lunch, but in all the years coming here I have only seen other customers fiddle with their phones or look at the fashion magazines….

Here I am being combed out. I am cold and fidgety by this point, highlights and cut and style takes hours. I have been here 2.5 hrs already lol!


Once this is done, I’m going shopping for jam ingredients. I want to make a mixed jam of blackcurrants, raspberries and blueberries.

Oh, just a quick update on Jon, he is now Perfectly Fine, yesterday everything healed fine, considering I was stressed as he is on a high dose of blood thinning tablets following last years DVT. It was so kind of my friends here to send supportive messages! Thankyou all!!!

Here’s my hair all finished. Heading home now. That was jolly!


Massive S.E.X.

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a super weekend!

I have been working hard indoors and doing a lot of thinking. Which is sometimes good but not always.

And I’ve had massive S.E.X. Which is code to us knitters, for a Stash Enrichment Expedition. I.e., a trip to a yarn retailer, whereby more yarn was purchased. Caught your attention didn’t I!!!

My knitting is coming along nicely. One sleeve of the blue cashmere sweater is finished, the seed stitch wrap needs no more than a dozen rows and it will be done.


Also, my Nipper needed new school uniform; we bought from the official suppliers however the quality was so poor we have consigned that batch to the bin and now have replaced with trusty M&S.

Hobbycraft had a sale on, on yarn. I couldn’t help myself. Since the Madeline Tosh colour workshop, I have been painfully aware that my stash had very little by way of useful and flattering colours for the projects I am anxious to make.

Usually I walk round Hobbycraft and get little. Put Rowan Cocoon on for £4 a ball in grey/violet, and bam! Next thing I am trugging a basket on wheels, they had Kaffe Fassett sock yarn for £1 per ball! I also scooped 1200 yards of pure wool 4ply in variegated mauves, which will make a fab cardi for summer.

The carrier bag was heaving, I also got some lovely cream merino dk for a shawl for my friend Kay who has a birthday coming up soon.

In M&S I found a gorgeous canary yellow showerproof jacket with a hood. My daughter says they will see me in it from Mars. I liked it!

Jon is making me a cup of tea, so I will get back to my wrap. Enjoy the sunshine!

Top 10 Tips For Spring Knitting!

On the train today, stitching my blue block scarf for a change, and pondering last night’s episode of Broadchurch (gripping!) and wondering who the hell did it, I thought today’s post would be my sharing of my Top 10 tips for Spring Knitting!

  • Hand dyed yarn – I always loved the hand dyed yarn you find in great yarn stores and have fallen prey to purchasing these with abandon. Nimu, Madeline Tosh, Shilasdair, Colinette, Luxury, these are fantastic! My mouth waters when I see these. Now I can knit lace thanks to last years classes, this year I will have new lace shawls!
  • Silk and wool mixes or pure wool that is scratchy, these are great to knit with in Spring! The pure wool is quite scary but it blooms when you wash it. Silk and wool is shiny and luxe and the colours ping!
  • Spring requires you to make a Delicate lace cardigan. It does not have to be in thin yarn to be lace, but it must be light enough to not overheat you. I am thinking some Debbie Bliss Andes would make a good lace cardi. Pure cotton yarn grows and bags. Please avoid this as you might be disappointed by what it turns into!
  • A white cardigan and summer top. My friend Karen made a fab cowl top in white. Stunning. I am also thinking this white crochet cardigan from a Kim Hargreaves book
  • Sparkle knits for your beach holiday – I am planning some super beady or sequin-y things to fling over my tshirts to drink cocktails in. I have so much turquoise and silver holiday jewellery I need to make something to go with this, possibly this one
  • Planning Holiday Knitting, ooh the fun of searching Ravelry patterns, thinking of colours. What to knit during your siesta in the shade padding about with cool marble underfoot…It must be dk weight, colour changing, I am thinking a lace shawl or two…one will be the Beach Glass Shawl, the other improvised
  • Finishing wips, I seem to be cracking on apace now!
  • Colour block knitting, patchwork and entrelac, see my blue block scarf
  • Crocheted bags, motifs sewn together, check Facile Cecile, inspiration and Genius!
  • Taking a class to improve your skills, this week I am at Loop to meet Madeline Tosh and learn how to better knit with colours. Classes are good, they give you cake, you get to buy wool and I always end up learning loads and Buzzing with ideas! Loop has a lovely craft space and they have world class teachers. I can’t wait!
  • Here’s a quick snap of the silk wrap, stripe 5 is underway. Luxe silk and wool yarn, lovely to knit with!


    Shilasdair Saturday

    Hello everyone!

    I hope you’re all having a jolly weekend thus far!

    My news is as follows:

    • The blue thai silk shawl is coming on apace. For anyone making the seed stitch wrap, have something tedious you want to finish to hand that is sticking stitch. You’ll thoroughly enjoy it as a change from the K1P1 tedium.
    • My amazing seed stitch wrap is exciting – I am about to start colour 5 (cream) today – (yippee!)
    • My friend Alison might be coming to visit next week, she has a houseboat and chickens
    • I am examining my collection of naturally hand dyed Shilasdair yarns from the aisle of Skye and trying to decide what to make from them
    • This week’s two balls of Kochoran are slowly forming into the inspiration for a gorgeous fuzzy spring jacket in teddy bear beige with Noro Stripes – mmmm!

    Having a massive stash of yarn to play with just makes the brain thrill at the creative possibilities.

    Any suggestions as to the Shilasdair below, please comment and help me along!


    Blocking Orchids

    Just a little preview of the wrap Jon helped me block today…I can’t believe I have a man who will happily help me with blocking!!

    I’ll give you a proper tab daah tomorrow, I’ll get some nice pictures in daylight.




    Becoming Inspired!

    Here is a Look Book of things I’ve been coveting today, which may or may not end up becoming realised into being…

    The bag and the striped knitted jumper are both from Anthropologie, which I hopelessly adore, the catalogue just came.

    The other goodies are from a book, “Granny Square Crochet” by Catherine Hirst. Nice work! Can you see the Woozle on the bedspread? I think the one in the picture is a boy. You can tell by his face.

    I could order my work if I didn’t suddenly have to make something else entirely that I’ve just spotted!








    Seed Stitch Update!

    Just a quick peek at my wrap!

    It is a bit chilly so have my blanket on my knees, hope the colours are not too shocking together!


    Tweed and Chevrons

    Hello all,

    Here are some pictures of my two cardigans I have slaved over sewing and blocking and finishing all weekend long. I am tired! My arms hurt from sewing. My brain is almost dead with the boredom of sewing up, even though I paid a fortune to learn how to sew up properly I still rebel.

    So, here are some pictures, first of my lovely tweed cardigan, this yarn is so soft once you wash it, although knitting with it is very crunchy indeed!




    And here is my navy chevron cardigan, all the gazillion ends sewn in, finally on a hanger and not a dreaded work in progress since October lol!




    Amazing Seed Stitch Wrap #1

    Must admit, I did think 6 feet of moss stitch would be a bit of a challenge.

    Actually, the first two inches are quite ok so far lol.