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Brown Mouse Mittens

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a jolly week so far.

My week has been abysmal, I’ve been so stressed I feel sick all the time, and I’ve not been sleeping. Yesterday I had the day off sick and a wild migraine and it cleared off about 6pm.

Whilst it is flattering to be perceived as a subject matter expert, the endless demands on my time and ingenuity have caused me to freak out.

Today I feel a lot better, I’ve had a lie in, and a nice walk, I picked up some library books on embroidery, and knitting, and I’ve nearly finished knitting a fingerless mitt from one of the mini Ally Pally Colinette skeins. These were a bargainous £2 each, and I bet most people who went picked some up! The colours!

I found two matching ones, they’re brown, pink and green. Overall they look very subtle and dark and natural.

Like a mouse I want to hide and not be seen, I want to be left alone really.

One mitt is done, nearly. I am very pleased!



Angry Catbaby!


It needed a bath! I have a huge shawl to finish row by row. Three rows today so far.

All is good in my world.

Amber has exams. Nearly done!

I have been a bit poorly (eye infection then sickness bug) but ok now !

Jon has been getting his leg sorted via private health care as NHS gave him scandalously poor treatment so far. For the first time in nearly two years we know he doesn’t actually have a clot now for sure as he’s had a scan.

Work is crazy, Knitting Club is brilliant and I think I am the happiest I have ever been.

And Relax!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a super weekend.

My eye infection is much improved from earlier this week, I still have red marks under both eyes but they are fading.

One of the mittens is finished using the remains of the Millifiore shawl and hat yarn. I am on mitten 2, and hope to use it all up!


This morning I bathed my cat, Woozle is a love. She really doesn’t mind!

Here you can see her asleep on the windowledge and my gorgeous flowers in the windowbox behind.


Here, there is a theme going, is Woozle with my Noro shawl. Yet another ball of Noro sock, and some lavender Spindrift, I do love stripes!


Noro Flowers Flourish!

Hello all!

After a lousy week, stressed out beyond belief I have had a gentle day indoors.

My Noro Winter Flowers Cowl, based on the Berroco Sashay pattern is finished, and all the yarn is used up in a matching hat.

I love this shade of Noro so much, I could happily knit with it forever lol.

Next week I am going to quit from some of the side of the desk activities I’ve been doing, although they are of great benefit to my colleagues and to my company, I am not really getting any recognition for doing these things.

And I think I have built sufficient framework for me to take a step back, for the sake of my sanity.

But here, look at my handiwork. Two dear friends are having babies soon and my mind is full of inspiration. Here, see my crocheting.

I hope you have a splendid weekend. I am going to start something new!





A Bit Tired, But Happy Actually!

Hello everyone!

This week has been fab! Admittedly there have been a few stressful moments, such as when my new boss started asking me how long it will take me to complete a project where I don’t even have the bits I need to start the next phase. Hmmm.

After work, Jon and I have started swimming. I love rushing to the pool, even though the trains are packed, and the weather is a bit chilly coming home, and once you’re in it’s basically eat then bedtime.

Amber walks with me through the park in the morning, we are enjoying the bright green willow buds and leaves, the swathes of yellow daffodils, the birdsong, and best of all the huge blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

My legs feel very strong and for those gym goers you will understand me when I say I feel it in my gluteus maximus!

All this exercise is a bit tiring, I wonder when it will go from tiring to feeling fit and lively.

Today we all met up in Upminster at Costa for a giant Jaffa cake, which was a bit too big for me to be honest. We walked around all the shops after a long walk through the park, and Jon had an opticians appointment, and also his beard had grown to epic proportions, like something the animals would live in in a Percy the Park Keeper book….so he was also despatched to the barbers.

I bought some cakes, a spring like hat from a charity shop for £2, a basket of treats from M&S, and a new bag from Roomes.

When we got in we were a bit tired, and I sewed Jon’s new Kryptek Typhon cammo trousers up as they needed shortening a bit. Jon’s legs look short but he is remarkably fast at running; Amber and I never fail to marvel how he can break from a relaxed amble to a full on sprint when required to catch a bus. We trot after him, and he ensures the bus doesn’t go without us.

These trousers are made from ripstop fabric, so they needed a thin and sharp needle and strong cotton thread. I tried several threads and needles before I got it right, there was much tangling and cursing before I worked out what I should be using.

Here you can see me modelling one of my Minion hats for our charity sale coming up. I hope you have a super weekend!


Good And Not So Good News

Hello everyone!

Not So Good:
* Our boiler was disconnected by British Gas as leaking gas dangerously at lunchtime. Thanks to the expert boiler repairman they sent us to fix it from Ideal Boilers on Friday! Thank you for leaving us exposed to leaking gas!

* I tried to descale the bathroom taps but the stuff I used was too strong and now they look old and tatty.

* Somehow I feel like I have a cold coming on but my next door neighbour is playing loud music so when I went upstairs to nap I couldn’t sleep.

* Amber is still upset and has been crying today.

* As I came downstairs I snagged my nice knitted jumper and it has a hole now.

* We have a gas fire so the front room is toasty.

* Jon has put the chicken on and it smells fab. Dinner soon!

* I’ve made good progress on Nasser’s baby present.

* Jon and I have made plans to go swimming next week, which will be jolly!

* it is March, so although it is ghastly outside, it is officially Spring, and therefore soon it will be light when I come home from work.


Excuse Me For Yawning!

Hello Everybody !

It has been another stressful day and its only 9am. We have a mouse in the kitchen and the boiler made some horrid banging noises yesterday morning, so I was crabby and upset when I went to the hairdressers.

That part of the day was super and relaxing, but when I got home I found we had no onions, so we ended up with Chinese food, which gave me indigestion.

The earliest appointment we could get from British Gas was for today, so neither of us have had much sleep and our happy weekend has turned into a worrying one.

Our cat Woozle has a new sleeping place, by dint of knocking things out of the way on my knitting cupboard, and claiming the space as her own.


My hat is coming on nicely, I haven’t enjoyed knitting anything so much in ages!


I have loads to do and everyone at home is glum! I had better fix myself a smile onto my face and jolly everyone along!

I hope your weekend is not comprising annoyances and grumpiness!

Vintage Addiction

Some knitters wrestle with their vast stash of yarn, and their Ravelry queue stretching into dozens of pages, all full of ideas of things to make and do. Some knitters also sew, embroider and quilt, there are blogs to follow and Pinterest boards, and then you have the worldwide Interwebs.

I have a lot of collections. Today I received half a dozen vintage bedjacket knitting patterns to add to my collection.

Like this one. One of the ones that came cost me 9p. If you add an interest in vintage craftstuffs your potential for hoarding or project overwhelm increases many fold.


I also like Vikings. I have a ceramic one in my kitchen that was probably made by someone from my old school, we had a kiln, and it looks like the kind of thing a sixth form art student might have made. I got it in a charity shop near the school.

The other Vikings in my collection are wooden ones. One holds an axe, the other is a ship with Vikings in it. I think the Vikings are actually bottle stoppers. The one I just won on eBay is a Scotsman in a kilt with a knitted pompom hat and he’s holding a sword! I am so happy!


On a slightly different note, regular readers may remember last year I visited a lovely Naturopath a few times, and she gave me lots of tips on healthy eating. I have kept to quite a bit of her advice regarding eating well, however I failed absolutely to adopt making smoothies, let alone green ones including kale or spinach. I have taken to goats milk, and am still interested in eating well.

Some of the things I had been doing which were “good” were giving me a very bloated feeling, and I felt I was in need of a different approach. Eating healthily but not improving further was quite frustrating to be honest.

Yesterday I went to a talk in work by a very famous nutritionalist called Ian Marber. He has written about a dozen books, with a new one out soon, and he is on TV regularly offering hints on healthy eating.

At work, we have a brilliant well being scheme run by my very clever and wonderful friend Raewyn. She organises the talks on health, ensures we can attend yoga and Pilates in our building, and sends out newsletters packed with tips from experts on stress reduction and everything. She arranged for Ian to come in.

When I was going through my troubles with my Grandad and afterwards, she saw I was having a really lousy time and she was really great to me, I will not forget ever the kindness shown to me by my colleagues and friends at that time. I felt like I was being helped by angels. Some of the kindest moments were just from strangers in the lift or the corridor. My job is truly super.

Anyway, Ian came to talk to us about the dangers of sugar. He substantiated his comments with lots of science and described how sugars come in different forms, how to spot them in foods where they might be hidden in the labelling and how they are absorbed by the body.

The intriguing part for me was how he read out a list of symptoms for a new sugar related condition called “metabolic syndrome”, and I had every one of them. Waking at night, high cholesterol, constant cold symptoms, etc., he was describing me perfectly. We were given handouts to follow, so today I went shopping after work, and today continued my second day of non sugar eating.

In the newspapers there have been articles about sugar free eating recently, so you might already have seen something on the subject.

Basically, the idea is to eat plenty of greens and vegetables and ensure you combine any high fibre complex carbs or fruit always with protein, completely avoiding food or drink manufactured with added sugar. I’m allowed two squares of 80% cocoa dark chocolate after dinner.

So I can report, I have had plenty to eat, I’ve not had a “starving” feeling, and my mood all day has been jolly. Bring on tomorrow!

Coughing, Coasters and Knitting!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a jolly week!

I’ve had a rotten cough, and a chill which everyone at home has had and passed along in turn.

Although weak, I have been very busy crafting.

We needed some coasters for our coffee table:


I blocked my purple beaded mitts as wearing them had turned them into loose, baggy shapeless things. Also I blocked the first square from my afghan.


Here you can see the purple owl, it’s sll finished and ready to wing its way to Mimi:


I am now trying to work out what to do for the flora wrap I said I’d make next. It’s all terribly exciting!

Winging It!

Hello all!

I hope you’re having a jolly weekend.

We all have coughs and colds again. I have just got out of bed. I got up earlier on and had to go back.

Does anyone have any tips on avoiding germs? Please let me know!

I commute on two dirty train lines, Amber commutes too and sits all day with germ ridden children, and Jon goes on the bus an hour each way and then works in his shop! We are magnets for coughs and colds!

There is so much to do with a house to run and work tomorrow, and my little Owl needs arms and legs and eyes and a beak!


I made his body using magic loop and two handed stranding for the fairisle! I felt so clever!

Am on the wings and so on now, will show you when its done. It feels so good to be finishing things off!