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Patchwork Shawl – Pattern Thoughts

Hello everyone!

I hope your week is going well. I have stress excema, and cold sores. Lol!

As it was Knitting Club, I wore my patchwork shawl today and it was amazing how it stayed firmly put on my shoulders, unlike ordinary triangle or semi circle shawls, which slip, slide and twist.

The whole purpose of the design was to sit and stay whilst wearing. I have a busy commute and in bad weather, which is when you wear a shawl, I have had to pin, knot and grab hold of shawl ends. This shawl stays!

I dislike scarves in cold weather as they are too long and skinny. Even if you make them wide, they bunch up and become skinny and gappy.

The other deliberate design feature is the contrast between the patches of the centre part, and the stripes which peek out at the sides whilst it’s being worn.

Now I intend to explore this design further. Oh it is exciting thinking about it!

My thoughts are, how about a stone, taupe, white and lemon yellow bamboo version. A bright Noro sock version, just in one colour way. A red white and blue version edged in triangle lace. One in something neutral with minimal colour play. One just in a single shade of angora perhaps! A lot of inspiration is working its fizzy magic through my mind!

Work is odd, being reshuffled, no one knowing who you are or what you do.

My a SharePoint is coming on splendidly. And Knitting Club was fab as always! Enjoy the rest of the week!


Flower Purse Ta Daah!

Here! It’s finished!


Pink Cardigan Nearly Finished!

Hello everyone!

What a lovely but busy day! Have you had a super weekend so far?

I have been up since quite early today, Jon was out since 7am so I had a lie in, then got up and enjoyed the quiet. I need to finish my pink cardigan and had two pockets still to knit, so I set about getting them done. I am nearly finished on the second.

The cardi is in good shape, the buttons are on, the pockets make the last bit.

I’ve put some pictures below so you can see my progress.




Amber and I went out for a walk today as we needed milk, and I promised Amber some new Jammies. She posted our Christmas cards to our neighbours, then we headed out, me in my blue cashmere jumper, purple hat and patchwork hexagon scarf. I felt very smart.

We struck gold on Amber’s new pajamas, she is sporting her new Bambi top and leggings tonight, and has a complete weeks worth I think!

I was very pleased with my new coffee machine pods, however no matter how vast the supermarket, it appears lemon jelly is no longer being stocked anywhere :(.

A new larger tapestry frame was needed for my Woozle cross stitch kit, so I ordered that may, or may not come quickly! Our postman is so grumpy, I am sure it is due to my love of mail order and knitting magazine subscriptions!!

This afternoon, I have been tidying and knitting, it has been very domesticated. Tonight’s dinner was shepherds pie. Yummy if I say so myself!


The Life Of Pi

Hello all,

One of Jon’s friends wrote a hilarious Facebook post (which turned into a brilliant comedy conversation regarding how one should address as Tiger in a boat as “Sir”etc,) about the film of The Life of Pi.

During the course of my confinement to quarters due to pleurisy (which is not funny) I thought in a very bored moment that I should watch said film, although I had zero interest in the subject and would certainly not bother with the book. But when you’re ill, and enjoying repeats of “Lovejoy” you realise you are very bored indeed and such films do arouse curious interest, viz, what happens other than the obvious when a Tiger and a boy are in a boat with nothing to eat. And it is a free download.

So I sat in my chair, and pressed the buttons to download the film and started watching it. I had my knitting in hand and was only watching with half an eye, when I realised after about an hour there were no Tigers or boats and the boy in the film I was watching played Kurt in Glee, and I was patently not watching a film set in India.

Ok, so when I stopped the film I could see I’d made a mistake – it was “Struck by Lightning!”. Durr! Thank god I hadn’t pressed the wrong button on something at work! So I paid attention and downloaded the correct film, and sure enough there were scenes of India and a zoo, a boy and a Tiger.

Then I got to the bit with the boy and the boat, after everyone had died horribly, but there was no Tiger, just the boy, a zebra, an orang utan and a hyena then the animals started dying and eating each other and the boy was so fricken useless I just got annoyed and switched it off.

You can’t beat Lovejoy.

Anyhow, I thought I’d show you the huge ladder from the bit of knitting I did yesterday which I’ve just had to fix:

Although I was keen to knit this cardi I am a bit bored already. Oh dear! Lol!

Robin Progress

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a jolly weekend so far! I have a head cold and feel a bit rubbish, but I’m having a nice time indoors today!

Jon has been working on the skirting board in the front room, and I’m very pleased. I’ve been knitting the edging on Amber’s cardigan, and I’ve had a good bash on my robin embroidery.

And you can see how I hung the chart for the complicated subtle greys and browns of the robins middle:


Here you can see my cat looking very pleased at making a bed in one of the drawers of my knitting cupboard :


You would think she’d just go to sleep, but no, she wriggled about and came back to my lap.

IKEA and Aching Feet!

Hello everyone,

This time of year is very odd. From talking to my friends, they too are cooped up and resentful of the dark nights and dismal weather, and not sleeping greatly.

I went out today with Lesley, one of my dearest friends, and it was very jolly.

You may have possibly seen the IKEA advert, with the VW Beetle piled high with products. We managed a healthy representation of that today, although it must be said most of our purchases were from B&Q.

How was I to know that they were selling bird tables and vast buckets of fat snacks at a discount?

Then there was the very helpful and charming young man who helped me get all the tiles for the kitchen even though we haven’t put the work top up yet…

Phew! I am very tired now! My feet hurt!

I had a couple of hours sit down, which was spent sewing my daughter’s cardigan together, I’m going to get that finished today if I can. Also, I have started sewing the crochet blocks together for my new bag!

Tomorrow we are going to visit my parents, I haven’t seen them since September. My Mum has Alzheimer’s and has no idea where she is, although she remembers me. My Dad has Parkinson’s and is very frail. They still drive although they definitely shouldn’t. I am already stressing that they’ll want me to get in the car with them and go for lunch.

Here are my new gloves:


Here are the bag squares in progress:


Replacement Gloves Update!

Hello all!

Giving away your Winter Gloves is not done lightly!

I have had to knit knit knit today so I can have warm hands!!!

Here you can see my replacement gloves in progress, you can see how my darling knitting cupboard is now helping me read my knitting pattern!

I have a nifty clipboard with my pattern on it suspended from some wool. Dear Woozle can’t knock it down, or chew it, it is perfect!


Here is a close-up of my gloves, it is sparkle wool, I will make another beaded pair when I have the right yarn and beads for it!

The ones I gave away were made from the last ball of alpaca from my orchid lace scarf, and the beads were bought specially to match. It’s not possible to recreate them exactly.


Death By Crochet

Hello all!

I owe you a post, on the poppy competition, but as I have a but of a hangover today it will just be a Friday musing. Hope that’s ok!

How are you all? What are you making at the moment?

I am obsessed with my crochet squares for my bag. Since obtaining my last few balls of yarn from Loop on Sunday, I have been happily crocheting on the train every day.

Regular readers will know how much I love my commute, it is straightforward, just long enough to get some decent crafting in, and when I emerge at the end, I am either home, which is brilliant, or at the Wharf, which is majestic, inspiring, and glamorous, with hidden green spaces, fabulous shops and bars, and run through with ponds and fountains and surrounded by water on all sides!

As I came to the Wharf yesterday, there was a large seagull flying between two massive skyscrapers, and the sound of its cries were magnified tenfold by the huge marble and glass buildings, so it sounded like a giant prehistoric bird of prey!

Visually, everything was so crisp and shiny it reminded me of the hyperrealist art of the 1970s.

So you can understand a bit I hope about how each day is framed splendidly, I’m sure that is why I love my life so much when I can only lift my head out of my worries and look up.

Oprah always keeps a Gratitude Journal, you can get an iPhone app called “Gratitude” and list the best bits of each day. It is a nice thing to do. Even on days when you hate everything and everyone you can at least be grateful for chocolate, or for a smile from your cat.

Here you can see my piles of crochet squares for my bag. I am loving the subtle colour plays.

Here you can see the completed squares:


Here you can see the ones with ends that need darning in:


And here are the ones that need the last border row adding to them:


It seems like a lot of work, and I have two more big crochet projects pending too ! I never used to be able to crochet, but I went to some classes, now I am really happy with it. I have not made a crocheted garment just yet, that is my next big step forward.

I have a hat, a shrug, then a cardigan in mind. By the time I’ve done those, I’ll pat myself on the back. There’s no rush is there!

Later this weekend I’ll write up the post on the poppies, I put an advert on the Intranet saying we have them for sale, and all week people have been coming up asking “Are you the Poppy Lady?”

I think we’ll definitely be doing this next year! So enjoyable!

Oh by the way, here is a photo of me in my new hat, and matching bandana cowl, I love how the colours are a pastel rainbow with my smart new coat!


Owl In Tree

A quick look book, the bag here is by Debbie Bliss, and the circles are my own Millifiore in progress, designs at the end are from the very talented Cecile Balladino, who taught at Loop earlier this year, I love the ruffled purse!








10 Things That Are Good Today!

  1. the feeling of having got things done today; at home, at work, in craft
  2. the happy anticipation of a project well planned and so inspiring it almost makes you feel “hungry” to get started
  3. giving comfort to a friend and leaving them relieved of their burdens for a while
  4. thanking someone from the heart for a good deed long remembered and appreciated
  5. laughing and shared fun with a usually prickly person, the hopes of a thaw
  6. the happy news of a baby due on Nannie’s birthday
  7. a surprise handmade gift from a dear friend
  8. fresh bedsheets, thank you Jon
  9. wearing a new winter coat in dusty lilac and a new cashmere wrap with roses to go with
  10. love all around and kindness everywhere