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Bag Heaven!

Hello everyone!

We’ve had constant sunny weather in the UK, which often is quite unheard of.

I’ve been mad busy, this morning I trimmed the shower curtain, emptied all the kitchen cupboards, chucked some old stuff away and then put them back straight, and wow! They look amazing now.

For the first time in my life I feel like I have a modern, functioning kitchen.

This afternoon, I sat and sewed a new lining for my beach bag. I did a pretty good job if I say so myself!

Here you can see the bag with the lining removed (the zip broke shortly after I bought it):


The lining was made from a vintage apron I’ve had in my fabric stash for a few years. Bright pink, blue, white and yellow. With an iPhone pocket!

Below are some pictures showing the different stages of sewing and inserting the zip:







Here is the taa daah of the finished bag:

I am also in the middle of making a second bag, this is a knitted bag with a crochet pocket.


Sewing And More Sewing!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far!

I swam some more yesterday and had a long walk too so today I decided to crack on with some crafting and stay home!

Here you can see my cat relaxing, whilst I was pricking my fingers, cutting, trimming and using pinking shears.

Who invented those? Aren’t they wonderful!


I bought some fat quarters yesterday as I am obsessed with a bit of patchwork I did when I was small, which involved making hexagon shapes you sewed by hand.

Here you can see a vintage quilt made using this technique:


Thinking that I would quickly finish my Daisy Purse, then crack on with the hexagons, I decided to start that first. I sewed the hems of Jon’s new Kryptek Typhoon trousers yesterday and was keen to do some more…

Here you can see my purse and the lining I carefully made to go in it:


Here you can see my assembled pile of fabrics!


Here is the baby present I intend to finish also today….


Here you can see dear Woozle giving her full approval to my patchwork pile:


Here you can see my sewing in progress….


I am not sure if I’ll get it all done but it’s fun!