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New Year’s Day Doings!

We went out in the lashing rain and I didn’t care as I was going stir crazy indoors. I also wanted to try out my new mitts!

Even with the worlds best stash of yarn and umpteen things to do, I couldn’t bear to be inside for another minute! However despite the undoubted glamour of my new mitts the three minute walk to the bus stop was awful and I was blown to bits and soaked to the skin and once on board I was steaming on the bus, partly because of the wet and partly because my darling Nipper had gone out last night and was staying with friends, and she hadn’t texted me to let me know she was alive or dead and it was now mid day.

My knitting went all wrong and I got increasingly agitated. Luckily by the time I got to Boots I had a text to say she was okay and I could have wept with relief. My mood improved and Jon looked less stressed too.

In Hobbycraft we found mounting board and a frame for my embroidered Robin, and when we got in Jon did his usual wizardry and voila! The Robin is now on the wall!


We also scored some wonderful smoked haddock for our dinner, which I plan to eat for supper tonight with home made bread ( which is in the oven now!!!!).

Lucy from Attic 24 – see link to blog on side bar to left – put a link last night on facebook to a crusty bread recipe which she’d made and it looked gorgeous. Here is the link. Although it was 11pm I hopped up and put the mixture in the bowl to rise and covered it in cling film. It took about three minutes max. It says to use a cup, I just used a mug, as it is three cups flour and one and a half cups water, salt and yeast, all of which I had to hand – no brainer eh?

It looked a sloggy mess, like the pictures on the blog, so I thought it would be fine. I used self raising flour, as the recipe called for all purpose flour, I didn’t worry unduly.

By the time I came in from the shops it was time to put the bread in the oven. It looked like soup with pockets of gas in it. I covered my work top with about an inch of flour and poured the bread mix out, it rolled over the work top like a volcano erupting, so I dumped a packet of ciabatta bread mix quickly onto it to stem the tide and after a few minutes of kneading, it finally looked like a respectable loaf, so I switched on the oven and left it to rise again under cling film.


Now the bread is in the oven it smells wonderful. I am very hungry. When it is cooked I will show you! I hope it turns out nice!