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10 Things About Sardinia

* Everything is clean. There’s no litter, anywhere, it’s spotless

* Noone smokes, the only shop selling tobacco is a dodgy bar on the road out of town

* Everyone smiles, and says hello, everyone has beautiful manners

* Dinner is usually four courses, at least two are pasta, but everyone is thin

* Everyone recycles. Its the law

* The little dettori corner supermarket is universes better than any deli/ food shop in england. Just make sure you have the right change

* The pavements are level and every restaurant has a disabled toilet. All the buildings are finished

* The sea and the pools are freezing

* Noone cares how you shovel your spaghetti into your mouth

* The house white is better than anything you have ever tasted in the UK, ever



Spice Up Your Day At The Office!

1. Have your wool delivered to your desk

2. Try not to shriek when package comes

3. Rip open bag and take iphone snap

4. Text your best friend/hubby/nipper with pic

5. Post your yarn porn pic on your work Knitting Club messenger group

6. Debate which yellow is best

7. Post related Purl Bee Cowl pattern

8. Debate alternate colours for cowl with Knitting Club Friends

9. Grin all day long knowing you have New Wul

10. Hug wul on train home, imagining getting in and opening the package up again!

11. Get home and Roll on your New Wul!


10 Super Christmassy Things and Why I am Happy!

Hello everyone!

Happy Christmas!

My feet are up, I have a belly full of roast dinner and pudding. My lap is red hot due to a large sleeping fur monster and a big pink shawl in progress. Dr Who is on. I hope you’re having a brilliant day!

I wanted to wish you peace and happiness, and a vast stash of yarn, and mastery over all lace patterns, especially ones marked on Ravelry as “Easy”.

The knitters on Ravelry mark most fiendish patterns as easy because they are geniuses and goddesses. There should be a special pattern category for people like me with no attention span, it would contain garter stitch squares mostly, and patterns you knit without sewing up and that can fudge your way through….

Here are my reasons to be happy today. I hope you can think of better ones for yourselves!

  1. It’s Christmas, I am surrounded by love, and I have so many good friends and I feel so grateful for everything and properly happy in myself, and I feel so content knowing that I have every blessing
  2. Everyone liked their presents and I am planning a new red knitted sampler blanket
  3. My friend Karen got in touch, she’s in New York, and things are good
  4. Ali texted me, and I’ve heard from everyone I like today
  5. I finally have got the hang of my lace knitting pattern
  6. I had a nice walk and it didn’t rain on me
  7. Dinner was fab, Jon made it!
  8. Dr Who is on
  9. We made a Christmas cake with the fruit I put in to soak in brandy last Autumn and it looks wonderful
  10. We ate the Christmas pudding from last year, it was nice!

I’m going now as Matt Smith is about to regenerate. Have a lovely evening!


Thinking Forward To 2014

Hello everyone!

Today I have been sent home by my GP to rest, as my germs have gone to my chest, and I have pleurisy, lucky me! I’ve been too tired to write this week, but I wanted to capture some ideas as I’ve had a good sleep since I came home this afternoon.

On Friday I caught up with my dear friend Michelle, we went to Libertys. I bought some presents for my Aunties, and some yarn for some replacement mittens. Christmas is getting all too close and there is too much to do.

On Saturday I went on a jaunt to Loop in Angel, I went to a class run by Jane Crowfoot, who is famous for her amazing surprise crochet blanket club projects. I’ve been to one of her classes before, and my crochet was transformed from barely able to crochet a chain to feeling confident enough to attempt Japanese crochet flowers and so on and that was a few years ago. I needed a brush up, so when I saw this class advertised I knew it would be perfect for me! As I expected, it was wonderful. I learned more in the first hour than I have done in ages. When I’m better I’ll share my notes and pictures with you.

What I have been doing whilst feeling awful is to think forward to next year, I love making resolutions! It is very cheering. I have done well with my resolutions this year.

  1. Walk round London. I bought a pocket map from Paperchase. I am going to pad the streets and write up my travels here
  2. I want to use my Wii more. I bought it and couldn’t use it as my old front room furniture was too big. Now I can actually move about in here!
  3. Read old sci fi. I used to stay overnight in a friend’s brother’s room who was away at Uni as a teenager, he had a wall of classic sci fi which I used to borrow and enjoy. I will start with the Foundation books
  4. Do weights every day
  5. Get in the garden and do garden jobs every weekend
  6. Listen to the top 10 singles music chart every week
  7. Go to a gallery or museum every month. Starting with the Museum of London
  8. Try out a new recipe every week, starting with a risotto at the weekend

10 Good Things

Hello everyone!

I have caught some germs, and am heading to bed in a bit, but I’ve put in a full day’s work and have not had too bad a time considering I was achey and tired.

Here are 10 good things:

  1. my sewing machine which has been hanging about useless for some time (as I had lost its foot pedal), is now operational! The replacement foot I ordered online arrived today and it fits perfectly! I can now play with it tomorrow and really get to grips with it. Patchwork time! Yaay!
  2. I have three days off
  3. my new coffee machine comes this weekend, I love coffee!
  4. I have some super books to read, and I plan to lie about and read some
  5. there is a stack of baby hats waiting for washing and blocking
  6. Jon has the day off with me tomorrow
  7. my cat is on my lap
  8. I feel great after Pilates last night
  9. my friends baby born 9 weeks early last year is now one year old on Sunday, and I’ve made him a hat and scarf in lovely bright blue wool
  10. there are mince pies in the fridge….

Have a super evening!


10 Things That Are Good Today!

  1. the feeling of having got things done today; at home, at work, in craft
  2. the happy anticipation of a project well planned and so inspiring it almost makes you feel “hungry” to get started
  3. giving comfort to a friend and leaving them relieved of their burdens for a while
  4. thanking someone from the heart for a good deed long remembered and appreciated
  5. laughing and shared fun with a usually prickly person, the hopes of a thaw
  6. the happy news of a baby due on Nannie’s birthday
  7. a surprise handmade gift from a dear friend
  8. fresh bedsheets, thank you Jon
  9. wearing a new winter coat in dusty lilac and a new cashmere wrap with roses to go with
  10. love all around and kindness everywhere


Things Not To Do On A Train

  1. sing tunelessly and persistently despite glares from knitting passengers
  2. try to convert the entire carriage to your hellfire and damnation beliefs
  3. smell
  4. take up an extra seat for your handbag
  5. bring horrible children who cannot be controlled
  6. talk to your mother/friend about your detailed medical conditions
  7. put makeup on. Seriously it makes me gag to watch you cake it on
  8. ask me to knit you something
  9. eat kfc with your fingers dropping food down your clothes
  10. ignore the pigeon in the carriage. The train will fill and there will be carnage

Here’s the singer from this morning


Holiday Ambitions

This year, on holiday in Greece, I had certain humble ambitions, which I am pleased to say I have largely fulfilled:

  1. I wanted to try the Gigantes beans they eat here: last time I came I heard of them, but didn’t get to try them, I had them last night in a Taverna in Napflion and they were really good! I am taking a bag home with me
  2. Also, last time I missed out on the hot crepes they sell on the beach; now I’ve had two chocolate and one savoury one, they were really yummy!
  3. Last time I had very little to drink, everything went to my head. After two years of steady Mojito practice I have done well this time. Apart from the Mojitos I’ve had Capirinhas (really nice!), a Peach Daquiri, a Mango Margarita, and a few La Mumbas
  4. 20130809-204846.jpg

  5. I wanted to read Game Of Thrones, which was brilliant, I finished it just now, can’t wait to start book Two!
  6. I wanted to loll about and take lots of naps and swim loads, tick!
  7. More than anything I wanted this to be a really happy time with Jon and Amber, I can’t guarantee she’ll want to come with us again as she’s a grown woman now, so give me a yes there too! Here you can see them “sharing” dessert
  8. 20130809-204942.jpg

  9. I wanted to make some nice things, with the wool I brought with me, I have my water bottle cover, a nearly finished shawl, some granny squares, and a half finished cowl in soft blues, which I am really happy with
  10. 20130809-205057.jpg

  11. I wanted to get my head round my life, which amazed me when I did, even though my account of it here on this blog had the fewest hits, comments or likes of any post ever, so, apologies to anyone who found my cheery prattlings offputting!
  12. I wanted to work out how much stuff I really need to pack for a fortnight away
  13. I learned to snorkel. It is very cool to look inside the sea at its inhabitants

Just another couple of days and I’ll be home. With my Woozle cat, seeing my friends, and no longer broiling in 36 degree heat! But here we are again, waiting for cocktails, it is lovely to have a couple of days left!!!

Hope you’re all well and happy!


Top 10 Beach Holiday Packing Tips

This holiday was my first for a couple of years, and I brought way too much of most things with me, even though I was under my 20kgs packing allowance.

My star pre-holiday purchase was a towelling shower wrap and small hair wrap, these have been used daily and have got me round the tricky too small/not enough hotel towels syndrome.

I treated myself to new perfume and a new nail polish at Duty Free, which was great fun whizzing round with my daughter trying things and squealing with delight. I settled on “Truth” by Calvin Klein, and a fantastic glittery white nail polish by OPI called “Wedding Anniversary”. I brought half a dozen polishes with me which is just silly!

Amber treated herself to the new Lady Gaga fragrance, which is quite nice, having a gentle caramel overtone. Calvin Klein “Truth” has always been my favourite as it smells so green and floral at the same time.

I thought about what I could learn from my packing as a lesson as I’m half way through my holiday and there are some things which are glaring errors which I could have saved myself lugging half way across Europe, leaving me with more room in my luggage for holiday purchases.

This part of Greece is perfect for finding things to take home, such as herb mixes, honey with nuts in jars, local perfumes and beauty products, and I’ve found a wool shop in the town to explore, but daren’t buy too much due to a) my vast stash at home and b) my suitcase is crammed with things I know I will not use.

So, learn here from my tips and sad packing mistakes:

  1. Have a spray tan before you go. It really helps get you in the spirit of tanning and beats the glowing white sensation on your first day out. It was the first time I’d ever had a spray tan at my local salon, the Vanilla Rooms and despite feeling wierdly self indulgent it was well worth it
  2. Pack a good hair mask and use it every couple of days to stop your hair turning to straw, I brought along the Charles Worthington Secrets Collection Intense Rescue Melting Balm. Very effective!
  3. Bring thick bodycream and something to make your tanned skin sparkle at night. I could have done with these, as my usual cream wasn’t rich enough. In Greece, Korres is the local brand, their Jasmine Body Balm is just the ticket and smells heavenly
  4. Think up simple holiday makeup and only take those things. I brought way too much with me!
  5. Bring anti itch cream for bites. You will get bitten and it is maddening. Local pharmacies are great but you’ll pay at least a tenner for literally anything
  6. Just 1 cossy is enough, and one matching sarong. In the heat your cossy will dry between swims. I brought far too many! A simple halter bikini top makes a sexy beachwear twist to a tshirt for a casual lunch or under a dress for dinner or night time drinks under the stars
  7. Bring 3 lip salves, one for bathroom, one for by the bed, and one for the beach and for the living area when you are sitting about. Pack 1 lipstick and I gloss for evenings, its quite enough. Again I overpacked hugely
  8. Bring a small bottle of handwash, so if you just stick to daytime comfy trousers, shorts and posh leggings for nightime, you can handwash these as well as your delicate undies, so you only need to bring a few pairs. Jon and Amber have both taken turns handwashing, it works very well!
  9. Buy good flip flops for the pool, cheap ones break. My nice glittery ones are in the bin. Birkenstocks are fine for everything else in Greece as the roads are rocky everywhere and you’ll never dare try heels or wedges to go to dinner let alone if you’re intending to go on a boat!
  10. Bring no more than three statement necklaces you have already checked go with your evening outfits. Bring a crocheted bead necklace for casual daywear, and a beaded ankle bracelet if you want a hippy beach look. Just one pair of light earrings should see you through daytime jaunts, and some light but sparkly for nighttime


When To Blog

  1. You should blog when you have something to say, keep at it, you may figure something out for yourself by writing out your truths
  2. Blog when you need to talk to someone, and there’s no-one to talk to. My blog is often the words I would say in calls I cannot make to my Mum
  3. Blogging makes a good journal, you can keep track of your life, and this allows you to look over events over time and get some perspective
  4. Blogging enables other people to offer comments, these can be tremendously insightful and supportive
  5. Blogging gives a feeling of small achievement, on days when you’re frustrated with your goals at least you can take 10 minutes to write about it and feel you have at least tried to analyse why you’re kind of stuck
  6. Blogging enables you to make friends online, my blogfriends are wonderful, and enjoying their musings is a double benefit. Often they are drawn to you and vice versa because you are both touching the same issues, or the same interests, again, you can learn from each other
  7. Blogging is hip, you are part of the Technocratic elite. Lol
  8. Blogging can be better than Google: instead of a search result, if you write a blogpost about your dilemma, perhaps you’ll get a tailored answer back from someone who really knows what they are talking about
  9. Blogging is better than Facebook, you can write at length without irritating all your friends at once
  10. Blogging regularly and often is a discipline, sometimes all we need is to strengthen our discipline muscles