Skyscrapers and String

From A Knot To A Thing

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I had any quiet time to write to you, which, is a jolly thing for me, as I am not a solitary creature, and I have a tendency to mope about and get nothing done when left to myself.

It is all guns blazing on the knitting front, both secret blankets were delivered to the new parents in Knitting Club, and I am so relieved I didn’t lose them on the train, or ruin them when blocking lol! It is quite a responsibility to be trusted with the combined output of a dozen keen knitters. Lovely wool – Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, and jewel bright colours.


Also, I showed you the tangled shoebox of yarn in my last post. I have made a pencil case, a shoulder bag and a back pack so far and the shoe box is still quite full!


As you can see above the lid of the shoebox is getting lots of love as well!


Here you can see the bag pieces, I am still at work on them, but the colours are lovely and it will be nice to have a matching shoulder bag and backpack.



I am loving the colours, they remind me of Tiffany stained glass windows. I have so much left I will get something else out of the remnants in the box.

It is also time for Knitting Club to start poppying for charity, and I have made about 25 poppies so far. Lunchtimes and bus journeys can result in quite a few poppies with very little effort, today I am going to the hairdresser and. I am spoilt for choice as to which projects to take.


Life is really good right now, I am enjoying everything. It is nice to not be caught up in any dramas at home or at work and have a peaceful patch in my life. I love my commute, my park walks, this week I saw crows herding seagulls, dogs racing after sticks at top speed, lots of clouds and sky, and I adore the smell of grass and being out of doors. Work is fun, varied, the week speeds past so I am at the weekend again. And how lovely is the weather right now!

On my Birthday recently, Amber and I sat in the park during the day as warm as in summer, and it is still too hot to need covers over me in bed. Unheard of for October.

I am neglecting my reading books, however as Jane explains for Mr. Bingley in “Pride and Prejudice”, “I wish I read more but there always seems to be so many other things to do”. I am really happy, I hope you are too!


Birthday Presents!

Hello everyone!

I am so happy today! It’s my birthday!

Yesterday I had a fabulous jaunt out with dear Alex, and we shopped and talked non-stop, it was super!

We had so much to drink we even went on the wrong platform of the jubilee line without noticing, then we had the shame of having to change platforms and go back again!

At Angel, there is a lady who runs a stall outside Loop, she sells the best things. And they’re bargains!

Here you can see my lovely figurine of a lord and lady, he has a bird on his hand, it looks like a dove but surely it would be a falcon, and she has a greyhound to hug.

Also, there was this decanter, it was gorgeous, it says “A Present From Southend On Sea”.


I haven’t photographed all my presents, I have a shocking cold today and have lost my voice.

I can show you my vast heap of Nimu yarn, the colours are iridescent.

My nipper bought me a breakfast set from Anthropologie, she is the best daughter anyone could wish for. I had yellow raspberries at lunchtime!




Jon has been busy today, he built a stand for the tumble dryer so it can go back in the kitchen, and out of the living room. i now have acres of space! My house is looking very neat now, the new settee comes on Wednesday, so then it will be all posh here lol!

So many lovely birthday wishes, I can’t believe I am blessed with so many wonderful friends. I am delighted! Thank you everyone for being so kind. It is very much appreciated! Xxx

Birthday Eve!

Hello all!

I am a bit tipsy, after quite a few cocktails and a big dinner.

Today has been wonderful, i bought some greengages to make jam with, and some yarn from Loop. Susan bought the yarn down to show a customer and I coveted it. Luckily the customer bought pink instead, so I bagged the periwinkle coloured wool!

Here is my chair and cat, I’ll show you the drawers tomorrow, hangover permitting!

Here is Alex buying Mojitos at Cuba Libre:

Here I am in my cashmere jumper and blue squares scarf, first outing for both!

Nearly home! Presents tomorrow! Wonderful day!

New Toys!

Hello everyone!

My working week is over, phew!

I am home in my nightie, I am recreating my favourite supper from our holiday in Greece in August (we’re having Gyros) and its my birthday weekend!

On the way home I dotted into our posh new Tesco’s at the Wharf where they now stock cakes from the Euphorium Bakery (the actual shop is near Loop in Angel!) and treated us all to an uber posh cake each for dessert as a treat as it is my birthday eve, eve. Lol.

Tomorrow, my new knitting cupboard from Oliver Bonas comes, and I am way too excited at the prospect of filling it with skeins of yarn, handy notions, buttons, and embroidery threads and felt.

Once I have sorted it out I will share the drawers with you in a new post!

My right arm has been hurting this week, my GP thinks I have Carpal Tunnel syndrome and I am booked to see a consultant next week. I am a bit scared but I will think about it nearer the date…

Below you can see my new knitting, it’s a shawl for Katy my hairdresser, she has been a really good friend, every 5 weeks I go to have my hair done and she has supported me through all the trials of the last 6 years, listening and keeping me going. And making sure I have good hair!

To be honest, I don’t get to see many of my friends outside work that often, for example, one of my friends of over 15 years has moved to Hampshire and going from once what were weekly visits I haven’t seen her now for over a year.

I hope your week has been jolly, my Daughter is making me a blackcurrant Victoria Sponge on Sunday. Saturday I’m heading over to Loop with dear Alex. It will be wonderful! It’s just a shame I’ll be so old lol!