Skyscrapers and String

Ally Pally Weekend

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a super weekend. I have had heaps of fun and am looking forward to the week ahead, life seems gentle and peaceful all round.

On Friday, three of us from Knitting Club went round the Knitting and Stitching show.

I have no photos as my iphone 4s dies if away from a charger for more than three hours. Accordingly I was trying to save power by not using it but it was flat before I got overground on the district line.

Nonetheless, I can say the show was a great success, although some stalls I hoped to find weren’t there. Last year there was an excellent stall with purse clasps and the like, and I promised myself a splurge but no, it was not to be found.

I did find and purchase my vintage americana bear embroidery kit I regretted overlooking last year, and finally I got some yarn for the bobbled poncho I am longing to make:



Also, I found some red yarn to finish a shawl in progress, and two small skeins in brown Colinette Jitterbug for mittens.

A surprising hit of the show was the handmade chocolate stall, I bought about 5 lots: truffles, rose and violet creams, fudge, solid rabbits and giant buttons. The truffles evaporated on the train home as I was starving! Jon had the fudge, Amber had the rabbits and we shared the creams yesterday whilst I was sewing the linings for my pencil cases. It felt very luxurious wafting a bag of choccies about. They were yummy!

Knitting wise, I am making a vast garter stitch shawl and thought I’d follow the directions in a pattern I used before. Unfortunately, I am using smaller needles than the pattern, so I have run out of directions and have another 10 inches of shawl to knit. It’s a semi circular shape, so I will have to guess the rest. Oh dear! Lol!

My nipper took some fab photos of me actually wearing my handknits for Ravelry, she always makes me look nice. Have a splendid week!




2012 Mayan Calendar. The End?

Ok, so it’s 2012. Mayan Calendar, end of the world and all that.
I remember reading 1984 and thinking it was 100 years away. Then there was Prince with 1999, likewise, so far in the future as to be a number rather than a date, just like nnnnnnineteen. (Alright, you’ve probably guessed I’m not a twenty year old writing this blog.)
So, what’s the Mayan Calendar being mentioned for here then, eh?
Like a lot of people, presented with a fresh New Year, I was thinking of making some resolutions, usually around healthgiving abstinence of one kind or another. I gave up smoking last year, so I admit to being fed up with giving stuff up, and, frankly, I am still wrestling with the giving up of delicious naughty fags. (Sherlock last night-I so totally empathise!)
So, if the Mayans are right, this is my last 11 and a bit months. Do I propose to spend what could be the last days on earth on a diet? Not so bloody likely!
So, having studied “The Happiness Project” last year, in hommage, 2012 is gonna be “The Year of the Jen”.
Be nice to myself
Remember I am loved
Blog more
More Mojitos and Chocolate, please!