Skyscrapers and String

Deep Blue Something

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a jolly week and looking forward to the weekend.

Today is my day off and I love the peace of a long weekend. It is seriously good for the soul.

I have a lot of things to get done, my list is long, but they are all fun things in the main. Or productive tasks. For example, the week after next is a week off for Jon and I, and today we decided what we needed to get for the decorating we plan to do, so, tick!

The poppies were all sold, we raised over £1200 plus £4£ matched funding, which was amazing.

Amber got the Internship she had applied for, and was also asked to speak on a Panel debate on children’s human rights, which was being filmed, and, according to the reviews, and to us the proud parents, she stole the show; giving a passionate, thoughtful and rousing call to action which moved everyone, confident and strong even though she was speaking alongside some very eminent and respected experts, including a High Court Judge.

On the knitting front, Club met several times this week, we have been making plans for a charity christmas sale, so the juggernaut never stops. Accordingly, I have been racking my brains as to what I can contribute. Hmmm.

One of the sillier work projects on my plate has been removed, so I am very pleased, and I finished another that I thought would never end, so today feels like a celebration day all round.

Also knitting related, I have finally started my “Deep Blue Something” project. It’s the usual story. Stash builds up, colours sing to each other and I put them together, a random acquisition of gorgeous yarniness gets added, then you end up with a basket of woolly harmonies singing to be knitted next!


I took them after Poppying and shawling this week, and swifted the 1200 grs of yarn into mini balls. Then I ordered the colours until I was happy.



I loved the stripe pattern of the Alder Shawl by Kaffe Fassett; and thought I’d take that as the basis for my design.


I’m using totally different yarn, in different colours, it’s a different size and a different construction, so is my “Deep Blue Something” an Alder or something else?

How do you decide if you have altered something enough for it to be your own design?


Deep Stash!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a jolly day and enjoying the weekend! I am pleased to report that my deep depression of recent months has completely gone, following the miserable weekend two weeks ago. I don’t know if it was a kind of cathartic experience, the weather improving, my holiday approaching, or whether it was knowing my dear friend Ali would always stand by me, her wise counsel or a combination of all these things.

I know that my mood is helped by becoming more organised, and I demonstrated my marble jar yesterday. I am adding another item to my marble list – for delegation, as I feel I should pat myself on the back for getting help with these jobs when I can.

Jon is at work today, and Amber and I are rattling about in the house together. Dear Woozle is looking better by the day, her abscess has healed, all the horrid scabs have fallen away and her skin is pink underneath and very healthy looking. It is a shame her little head is shaved, she looks like Sinead O Connor.

Anyhow, on the subject of organisation, today I have girded my loins and following a fabulous sausage sandwich brunch I have dived into the yarn boxes on top of my bookcase.

Here is my bookcase, it is rammed with knitting books.

The oldest one is Kaffe Fassett, “Glorious Knitting” which is inscribed inside as it was a prize for classics when I was at school. I saw Kaffe speak, when I was about 20 years old, he has been my muse for my entire adult life. I would love one of his white paintings, he loves still lifes, the same as me, and his handling of colour and texture is marvellous. If you click here you can see some of his work.

My yarn boxes are all empty, and my yarn is all over the bed and I am sorting it out. As usual, I am intrigued with the bag of odd bits of yarn, the leftovers, the weird colours and mismatched textures. Why do I bother being serious and buying 600g of decent hand dyed yarn to make a project? I should just head to a charity shop and buy whatever old oddments of acrylic they have left and get all inspired and fizzy like I am now.


Anyhow, I am in the middle of sorting it all now, so I will run back upstairs and finish. I have found my little bag of knitting in beads that I’d lost, also, my other set of sock needles. And a completed tapestry of some flamenco dancers. I am the naffest person who ever lived.

Also I am quite ashamed at how much wool I have accrued. I was seriously planning to buy some more yarn this weekend. Aargh!

I will report back to you when I am done.