Skyscrapers and String

Brown Mouse Mittens

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a jolly week so far.

My week has been abysmal, I’ve been so stressed I feel sick all the time, and I’ve not been sleeping. Yesterday I had the day off sick and a wild migraine and it cleared off about 6pm.

Whilst it is flattering to be perceived as a subject matter expert, the endless demands on my time and ingenuity have caused me to freak out.

Today I feel a lot better, I’ve had a lie in, and a nice walk, I picked up some library books on embroidery, and knitting, and I’ve nearly finished knitting a fingerless mitt from one of the mini Ally Pally Colinette skeins. These were a bargainous £2 each, and I bet most people who went picked some up! The colours!

I found two matching ones, they’re brown, pink and green. Overall they look very subtle and dark and natural.

Like a mouse I want to hide and not be seen, I want to be left alone really.

One mitt is done, nearly. I am very pleased!



Replacement Gloves Update!

Hello all!

Giving away your Winter Gloves is not done lightly!

I have had to knit knit knit today so I can have warm hands!!!

Here you can see my replacement gloves in progress, you can see how my darling knitting cupboard is now helping me read my knitting pattern!

I have a nifty clipboard with my pattern on it suspended from some wool. Dear Woozle can’t knock it down, or chew it, it is perfect!


Here is a close-up of my gloves, it is sparkle wool, I will make another beaded pair when I have the right yarn and beads for it!

The ones I gave away were made from the last ball of alpaca from my orchid lace scarf, and the beads were bought specially to match. It’s not possible to recreate them exactly.