Skyscrapers and String

Planning and Poppying

Hello all,

At Knitting Club, we compete as to which of us is the most OCD when it comes to knitting. I must say, I am not even in the top three. lol, who am I kidding?

My obsession is with lists and my Ravelry queue, organising my stash and so on. I love to have several projects on the go at once, and it can be stressful to have too many things on the needles and to lose track of what you’re doing.

I get really bored doing one project at a time, so keeping several projects purring simultaneously is a must for me.

What I’ve been doing, and it’s working well for me, is to knock up a little table for each project, and I’m marking my progress on each project as I go along. This keeps the projects clear in my mind, and it prompts me to do a bit on each every day.

Let me show you the tables:




Basically, I have divided each item into units, so in my green shawl, each garter ridge is a unit, on my Mitred squares bag, each square is a unit, and on each poppy, I can mark them down as I knit them, then work out how many felt leaves I need to make, and it becomes a neat production and assembly process.

On the subject of poppies, I made great progress on these this weekend, about another 8 went into the fancy Parisienne Macaron box I am using as a poppy store.

Here you can see the display of what I’ve made and finished so far – I set a target of 30 poppies, and I’ve made 26 so far, and I’m still really enjoying them.

Have a look, what do you reckon?



Poppies and No Birthday Card

Hello everyone!

Although my lungs still crackle like cellophane in a strong wind, and my nose looks like it came from the face of the Ancient Mariner, I am feeling a lot better.

I have been working hard around the house today, I’m loving how easy it is to clean my new bathroom and kitchen flooring!

My dear friend Nat gave me a fabulous biscuit tin and today I filled it with biscuits! Who says I don’t know how to party!


As I mentioned before, my friends in Knitting Club are making poppies to sell for Help The Heroes for colleagues and friends to wear on Remembrance Sunday.

Today I got my poppy stash out, and had a little look.


We said we’d make about 20 each, I think I’ve done about 18 up to now. My last ones are a bit larger than the others, I am starting to feel playful now I am near my target.

Also, having everything to hand has meant I can tackle anything craft wise as the mood takes me. I started making a felt needle case several years ago and I just stalled. Today, I got it out, cut a lining to put the needles in, sewed it up, added a snap fastener, and it is now in my sewing box!



Although Amber has my germs, we ventured out today to get some bits and bobs. It’s been lovely and sunny, such mild weather for this time of year I think.

We popped into the card shop, and Amber stood there in disbelief as I picked out a birthday card for my Mum, whose birthday is next week. “Mum”, she said, “You’ve been round there to see them as they wanted, you’ve called them. They never sent you a card for your birthday. They didn’t even ring. So much for being reconciled! It made you cry last weekend that you had let them back and they had been mean to you again. Why are you bothering?”

I’d love to say I had a decent response. I just took the card to the till and paid.

Midweek Knitting Update, Poppies and Disabilities

Hello all!

This week has been splendid so far! I wanted to share some of my exploits with you.

Yesterday we had the Steering Committee meeting for the employee network I belong to, that’s where I took the pictures you saw from the window whilst I was waiting. It was very exciting, our employee network is concerned with improving the lives of colleagues and customers with disabilities of all kinds. I am co chair of the work stream that engages with our members to find out what issues they are having at work, with the IT systems we all have to use, with the premises, anything really. I was looking forward to the meeting because my new proposals were up for discussion and the senior sponsors of our network were there and it was important for them to agree to support the new initiatives.

The meeting went well and I was delighted with how well received the proposals were. Today I got stuck in and like a little whirlwind I was emailing, making calls, having meetings, getting everyone’s input, allocating roles, you name it. It really is the most exciting thing you can do, it’s on the side of my desk which means I am committed to delivering everything I need to for my day job, plus this on top. I am not a plodder at work lol.

At lunchtime today we had knitting club. Cloey forgot her knitting so asked to do some of my crochet to get her craft fix. Whilst she was happily taking my Addi Turbo for a test hook, she asked me if I’d like to have some of her lemon tart. Result! Daljit showed some pictures of the amazing birthday cakes she had made recently. What a talented bunch! I helped Tamsyn with knitting increases, Sindhu showed us her proud progress on her first bit of knitting, Jo was working on her lace cardigan, Sarah had some lovely sparkly yarn she was making a cowl with, all round it was really jolly.

When I called club members to attention on a formal matter of knitting club business they all looked at me in surprise as we generally always just natter and knit. I outlined an idea for us to start making poppies to be sold for Help for Heroes on Remembrance Sunday. Our Firm matches any money you raise, £ for £. My idea was that we would advertise these poppies on the Intranet, thus boosting our profile and possibly attracting more members, and it would also be good to do something together for fun. I have offered prizes, a slap up cream tea for the member who made the most poppies, and another for the most beautiful poppy, which would be auctioned. Those present thought it would be fun, and I emailed details round to those who weren’t present also, just before I left for the day.

Tonight I went to the gym, the train was delayed, the usual route to the gym was blocked and I was running late, I was stressing and seriously tempted to just go home, then I also remembered I’d forgotten my locker key but I still went. Dedication. Lol.

I hope you’re all having a super week!