Skyscrapers and String

Brown Mouse Mittens

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a jolly week so far.

My week has been abysmal, I’ve been so stressed I feel sick all the time, and I’ve not been sleeping. Yesterday I had the day off sick and a wild migraine and it cleared off about 6pm.

Whilst it is flattering to be perceived as a subject matter expert, the endless demands on my time and ingenuity have caused me to freak out.

Today I feel a lot better, I’ve had a lie in, and a nice walk, I picked up some library books on embroidery, and knitting, and I’ve nearly finished knitting a fingerless mitt from one of the mini Ally Pally Colinette skeins. These were a bargainous £2 each, and I bet most people who went picked some up! The colours!

I found two matching ones, they’re brown, pink and green. Overall they look very subtle and dark and natural.

Like a mouse I want to hide and not be seen, I want to be left alone really.

One mitt is done, nearly. I am very pleased!



The Red Garden and Patchwork Progress

Hello everyone!

I finished the book “the Red Garden” by Alice Hoffman this week. It is a magical read.

The chapters each focus on a different family generation living in Massachusetts, from the pioneers who settled it, to the modern day.

It is rich, sumptuous, gripping and beautifully written. I loved it .

The title of the book references the garden in the first house built in the new town, it has red earth which colours the flowers red of anything planted there.

This book is so worth reading, I highly recommend it. You might have seen the film “Practical Magic” starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, this was also based on the book of the same name written by Ms Hoffman. The soundtrack is wonderful too , songs by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow. I listen to the album a lot.

My working week of two days has been both short and stressful.

Due to the management changes which are afoot but not communicated, people are leaving in droves and to be honest , it is hard for even the most resilient and upbeat person to keep smiling after two years of uncertainty and a second reshuffle which is due to be announced.

Also, a note came round advising who the colleague reps are now should there be another round of redundancies, which means there is definitely another wave of it on the cards, also evidenced by one of our bosses announcing a 20% staff cut in the papers last weekend.

I have a major project to accomplish with no assistance. Tenfold bigger than anything I have attempted previously. And what date will it be ready by?

At least crocheting squares is nice and simple.

Here you can see my wrap in progress. Do you think I should write it up? I hope it turns out well. It would be lovely to be on Ravelry as a Designer!



Hello all,

The back of my cardi is finished, and the sleeve is started, and the floor is down. There was literally no wood left, and the guy who quoted didn’t state for a door bar, luckily the guys had one in the van spare!

They worked really hard.

I am so relieved! Now to decorate the rest of the kitchen!


It’s OK, Everything Will Be Fine!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a stressful day today, but I handled everything, I didn’t flip out, and everything is fine, I feel very pleased how it went actually.

I could feel panic rising at various points and I stopped myself, I took a breath and said to myself, “Everything will be fine”.

Let me recap. The cat had a scratch on its head this weekend. It was a bit sore Monday, but I was home late Tuesday, went to gym Wednesday, and, after my class, on the way home I rang Jon and said, “How’s the cat?”. He said “Getting better”. I thought, great!

When I got home, it had a huge abscess, a smaller abscess on the other side of its head, bald patches on its neck, and sore patches on its throat. Great.

After a night of not sleeping and stressing out about the state of my dear Woozle I called work and got permission to work from home so I could take the cat to the vets. My boss was great. I took the cat to the vets, it was treated, I bought it home and I put in a good day’s work.

At several points I felt like freaking out, but I kept saying to myself that it would be okay, and it worked. I got through it, and somehow making a bad mistake and sorting it out has taught me a good lesson or two.

One of the problems of working when you have responsibilities is you end up drawing a line about what you think you can ignore and you sometimes over optimistically hope your issue will probably get better by itself. There is no help to you about how to guess what is likely to be fine and what is going to explode into something bad where you feel incredibly guilty and wish you were more of a better carer than you’ve turned out to be.

When the stuff hits the fan and you’ve made the wrong call on an issue, you can end up stressed and imploding, getting anxious or depressed, even turning to drink or cigarettes ( I would’ve killed for a cigarette today) so you need to calm yourself down. All you can do is work out what you can learn from this.

The dear cat is wearing a cone. I feel so sorry for it. It has had it’s head shaved. I wish I’d taken it to the vets Monday, but it’s ok. I did the best I could, I could have done better, but it’s turned out alright. I won’t make the same mistake twice!

Am looking forward to a quiet day with my cat tomorrow, some knitting and a swim. I hope your week is going well.

Such a Hard Life…