Skyscrapers and String

Unravelling knots

Hello everyone!

I hope your week has gone well, it’s now the weekend! Yaay!

We met for an impromptu knit lunchtime Tuesday and I knit all the wool I’d brought with me for the day, so I had to travel home on the bus with Jon and Amber with empty hands. I thought I’d ask Amber to bring spare travel knitting to the pool from home but figured that probably would be excessive..

We like going swimming. It is super to be part of a pack. The three of us are a proper team, it’s the kind of family unit I wish I’d grown up with. This time, I’ve made my own family, and I feel very proud.

My friend Tamsyn got her baby shower blanket from all of us at knitting club this week, it was fab to see her face, she really loved it.

This week has been busy on the knitting front, I fixed my brown bag which had a huge long strap if you remember, I can show you here how I took my scissors to the strap, cut a foot off, then rejoined using a three needle bind off.



Here you can see what I’ve done with a bag of knotted mess of wool which is the end result of my tidying my stash. It comprises the odds and ends from hundreds of projects. The ugly mess is behind me, but today I selected some small oddments of blues, turquoise so and purples, and I’m making a little bag.


Here you can see what I’ve done with these so far! I get more excited by a bag of useless scraps than anything probably. I like the small scale, the random colour combinations.


I hope you’re enjoying your knitting!